NHN Holiday Gift Guide: For the Sportster

We all know them. Heck, we might be one of them. Everyone has that friend who is obsessed with sports/being active/doing extreme things etc. But if you’re not one of those people, you might have some trouble thinking of what to get them for the holidays. A pair of sneakers? Hell no… no one should ever buy someone else a pair of sneakers (at least running sneakers) unless they are in the store with you or told you the exact pair. I’ve put together a few options for Mr./Ms. Sporty Spice that are great fall-backs should you come up idea-less.


  1. The FlipBelt – Alright, I have unconsciously been longing for one of these since I started running a few years back. Here in Argentina I never wear my iPhone visibly because I’ve been brainwashed to always fear that someone will rob it. But the FlipBelt is designed to hide all your valuables that you have to take on a run: phone, keys, credit card, etc. It’s $30 but it’s a great buy because you’d probably buy this for $50 or more at Nike or Lululemon. Also, it’s designed not to ride up, it’s odor-resistant, and machine washable. Boom.



  2. Yurbuds – I have been running with these headphones since last Christmas. I’ve always had trouble keeping ear phones in my ears, I think because I have small ears. But these are the absolute best running earphones out there. If you run super long distance, more than an hour and a half, they might start to ache a little bit but I never notice it since at that point my body has pain all over. However, for the newer versions this might not be the case. I stand by this company 100% — they immediately replaced a small part when I lost it by accident at no cost.

  3. Belkin Sports Armband – I have used Belkin armbands ever since my crappy cheap version broke after about a month. These are really durable and not too expensive. Apparently now they’re scratch resistant, too! (The only downside is that it makes my arm really sweaty. When they come up with a cooling arm band, I’ll let you know.)



  4. O’Brien Screamer – Alright, after 22 summers spent at my grandparents’ lakehouse, I’ve learned to spot good tubes and bad tubes pretty quickly. O’Brien is always a safe bet. Unfortunately, our favorite tube got stolen this summer but I’ll share the newest version of it with you albeit with a pang of jealousy.

  5. O’Brien Deep V Rope – Speaking of watersports, if you’re learning to slalom ski by any chance, this rope is a great help. It basically keeps your ski steady and slides right off once you get up.

    For the last two items, my best advice is to find the cheapest source. These come from the product website so you won’t be able to order them from there (unless you’re a retailer).

I hope you all find this advice helpful… the sportster in me hopes all your sportster friends get just what they asked for this Christmas.



Runner’s High

Hi friends!

In addition to being a nerd with my studies, my weekend crafts, and successful and unsuccessful recipe attempts, I consider myself an avid runner.  This is me, sweaty, cherry red, and out of breath after my most recent run into Beaver Stadium:



I set a PR of a 7:47 mile and finished the 5K at about 24 minutes. I think the atmosphere of the run helped a little, of course, because the run finished on the field of Beaver Stadium. WOO! At the beginning of this year I decided to start training for a half marathon (basically to keep up with my sister because if she’s doing something I have to be doing it, too). After some research online I found a great training program built for all levels of runners, whether you plan on walking the half, or setting a record. If any of my readers are runners and considering training for a half marathon, I HIGHLY advise you use Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Guide. I actually doubled the length of the training program because I wasn’t planning on doing the half until September and had plenty of time to do so. Currently I’m at the 6-mile weeks and I’m loving it! I see the changes in my legs and in my body and it’s only been three months. I can’t wait to see what this program does for me over the summer! And if you aren’t running already, check out the Couch to 5K program that’s all over Pinterest. It’s a great way to start if you’ve never been a big runner. After a lot of pressure from my sister and me, my mom started to run about a year ago and since then I’ve done a few 5Ks with her, and she loves it! Aside from the runner’s high you get, you’re also helping your body out more than you know. And if you’re like me and you love food, it means you get to eat a little bit extra to keep up with the extra work that your body is doing. If you do decide to start running, be careful–you just might get addicted!

Hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the spring weather that has finally arrived to the northeast! (Yay for no longer having to run on the treadmill!)