La cocina nueva

It’s only fitting that my first post in 2016 is dedicated to the biggest project Fran and I finished this year (albeit 3 months ago…). Our somewhat spontaneous kitchen remodeling came after a cockroach infestation that led to impromptu demo-day with the kitchen cabinets. (See here for a preview of what they used to look like.)

With major help from our recently-graduated architect friend, Arq. Nico Balzarini (shout out for being the first clients!) and a spectacular design for our mini kitchen, renovations took a few weeks with Fran’s brother doing a lot of the hard labor (notably the pantry door which had to be torn off and cemented to form a proper wall), here were the end results! Feel free to leave a comment if you have specific questions about the various parts of the kitchen and I’d be happy to share further a step-by-step!




Fran and I are very satisfied with our new kitchen; so much so that we actually cook dinner almost every night, eaten on our matching guatambu wood dining table, with custom legs!



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