Gook be Gone – Removing Melted Magnets and Stickers

Never, ever think of putting a magnet or sticker on an oven hood, let alone an oven. No, I did not make this mistake, but the previous tenant did. And boy is it a pain to remove. However, I think I found the secret (let’s call it a homemade WD-40) and I’m going to share it with you! The oven hood I was working with was a smooth metal, so this process might not work for every surface type. Test a tiny area to make sure the steel scrubber won’t destroy your appliance.





What you’ll need:

  • a sharp knife (butcher works best, no serrated edges )
  • vinegar
  • steel scrubber
  • old sponge
  • a hell of a lot of elbow grease

What to do:

  1. Start by scraping off the magnet(s) with a butcher knife. Be careful not to aim the sharp end at any part of your body, since it could very well slip.                                                                             01d8af90f3e78b0d9f1ae5ba05d61be579ad19a7b6
  2. Once the magnets have been removed as much as possible, you’ll have a lot of “gook” remaining. Use the old sponge to layer on some vinegar. Be generous, leaving enough to make any sticker and magnet remains soggy.
  3. After a few 01a47ed0a70f0a7653c71323c8d2269dc2169e7dedminutes, use the steel scrubber to scrub off the magnet and sticker remnants. This is where the elbow grease will come in handy, too. Who knew a kitchen project could turn into a nice arm workout?
  4. Be sure to let the surface dry completely before beginning to paint. I chose a paint that I used on our doors, semi-brillante látex (semi-gloss, latex paint), which worked very well.

Any tips of your own to share to remove those awful disasters your former residents left you? Share them in a comment!

My new kitchen cupboards! (Now, for a microwave that matches...)

My new kitchen cupboards! (Now, for a microwave that matches…)


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