Making Progress

Twenty hours of labor,

five Spotify playlists overplayed(stay tuned for upcoming posts),

four liters of violet paint (what happened to brown),

three paint brushes (not enough),

two more liters of white paint (to make it less violet),

two entire rolls of painters tape (not enough),

and one very sore body later…

…we now have a crayon/pencil/grease-free painted flat!

FYI, when you see a color called “Amazon beige,” don’t assume it’s actually beige.


Before – white walls

After (yes, the lighting sucks - sorry!)

After – beige walls (yes, the lighting sucks – sorry!)

(I’m obsessed with my newly-updated window. Like it??)



2 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. phred43 says:

    I like your window!!!  You did a good job.  I hate to choose paint colors.  Grandpa Joe wants to have the bathroom and dining room painted.  He is picking out colors!!!!  I sure hope th


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