Minimalist Living (Room)

The best thing about minimalist design is that you don’t have to spend your entire budget on a plethora of useless decorations. That’s how my dream of having a minimalist living room started, but the designs I found on Pinterest blew me away!

My living room is nothing close to any of my design dreams, but I want to share some ideas I have for the future reno. All were found on Pinterest and can be found on my Dream board.

Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar / Simple textiles

This is my ultimate goal – classy furniture that isn’t gaudy or expensive. Add in a few nicely textured throws (the soft kind!) and you have my dream living room set-up. No need to have untouchable furniture that costs a fortune. I never really understood why people bother furnishing their home like a museum.

Design Sponge / Entryway

Design Sponge / Entry-way

Simple and useful – in small spaces it’s important to make a place for all the necessities, like dirty football cleats and bottles of wine. This article actually has some great ideas for designing an apartment for a couple, not the typical glamour girl NYC loft.

Finding Home Online / Greenery

Finding Home / Greenery

Having a display of greens is important in my eyes, since living in a city can really dampen your mood without a tree or a plant to give some life among all the dirty buildings and pale colors. Simple shelving can make room for more green life, rather than taking up space with a single plant.

7th House on the Left / Shelving

7th House on the Left / Shelving

I tend to be attracted to furniture with a rustic, wood look. These shelves are simple, DIY-able and nice on the eyes. See the blog for the full tutorial.

Hope these give you some ideas to transform your living room into a minimalist haven!



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