New Years in Argentina

Welcome, welcome 2015!

One of the great things about New Years is that almost every culture celebrates it at some point, in some way or another. I had the great pleasure of ringing in my second “año nuevo” with my Argentine family, and will share with you some of the different foods and traditions they have here in Buenos Aires.

IMG_0686 (1)

A relative makes these beautiful cakes which are always the grand finale of the feast, but we began with the picado, or little hors d’oeuvres, of chorizo (sausage), cherry tomatoes, cubed Gouda cheese (Fran’s favorite), and peanuts.

IMG_0668 (1)

Since dinner starts late here, around 9 or 10, the picado started around 8:30 and we gathered around the table near the parrilla, or grill. I could be satisfied from the picada alone. But who can resist what came next… The asado! Many are familiar with Argentina’s famous barbecue of grass-fed beef and juicy grilled chicken, and if you’re not I suggest you plan a night out to the nearest Argentine specialty restaurant and try for yourself (although I doubt it’s nothing like the real thing). We accompanied the asado with huevos rellenos (deviled eggs) and potato salad, and leftover picada.


But my favorite part (since Argentina has brainwashed me into a die-hard postre-lover) was the dessert! A chocolate mousse and lemon meringue pie to die for.


But what topped the New Years was being so close to the sea. I could live like this…

Chapadmalal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chapadmalal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I hope you decide to add a little bit of Argentine flare to your New Years celebrations in the future (can you believe next year will be 2016?!)

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