NHN Holiday Gift Guide: The Gift for Everyone

For those of you who don’t get their Christmas shopping done until Christmas Eve, I have one more gift guide to share with you. If the words “Secret Santa,” “Yankee Swap” or “amigo invisible” make you want to fall to your knees and sob like a baby, then this Gift Guide is for you. Sometimes it’s hard to think of a gift that everyone would like, and you wind up buying a bottle of wine for a 15 year old, or a makeup set for a 40-year-old man. But, I have a solution! Below I have listed some of my favorite gifts that EVERYONE would enjoy. If you have another gift that you fall back on for gift swaps, comment below!

For Nobody in Particular:

  • Humans of New York (HONY) Book – I have followed the HONY photoblog for years on Facebook and Brandon recently made a book of some of his best works. It’s on the NY Times Bestsellers list and has obviously been super successfully in the past few months. This gift is great for everyone because every story is extremely real and interesting and intriguing, and makes for a great coffee table book.



  • Phase 10 – I’ve been in love with this game for years. It’s simple, quick, and very malleable… Fran and I have adjusted the rules numerous times and each time it gets more fun! It’s also really cheap, which is why it’s a great option for those Yankee Swaps.

    phase 10


  • Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments – For the creatively gifted bunch that are reading this post, this is a cheap and (very) easy gift for anyone. If you’re on a tight budget especially, these ornaments can be mass distributed to all your loved ones at a very low cost. (Found on Pinterest!)



  • Throw Blankets – My mom has always made fun of me for my obsession with blankets. I used to sleep with ten of them on my bed when I was younger. But really, who doesn’t like blankets? That’s why a cozy throw blanket is perfect for a gift swap. You don’t see it often, but when you do you know that person really hit the jackpot with their gift.

    target.com (UM YES PLEASE!)

    target.com (UM YES PLEASE!)

  • Portable Speakers – One Christmas I won a portable speaker set by iHome that, to this day, I use more than I ever thought I would with a swap gift. They’re reliable, very portable, and the charges last forever, as the efficiency of portable speakers nowadays has improved tremendously. My fave store Francesca’s has a super cool looking Bluetooth speaker that I will recommend to you, and it comes at a mere price of $26.


I hope NHN’s Holiday Gift Guides have helped you finish your shopping in some way or another, and may you and your loved ones be merry and full of joy on Christmas Day.

Stay tuned for a special Honorable Mentions edition of the NHN Holiday Gift Guide!



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