Platos Argentinos (Typical Argentine Cuisine)

It’s been almost three weeks since I moved here to Buenos Aires and I am just finally settling down with a new part-time job as an English coach to business professionals. It’s only a few hours per week but I’m hoping it will turn into something I can make full-time because I really enjoy it! Aside from the job hunt I’ve been enjoying what Argentine daily life has to offer, including a slew of delicious recipes to try!


I’d say my favorite local dish here is Milanesa a la Napolitana, made with chicken, pork or beef. Different carnicerías (or butcher shops) cut and pound the chicken for you and even put breadcrumbs on it, so all you have to do is place the meat in a deep pan of a centimeter of oil into the oven. Or you can cut it yourself, but I’m lazy. When the chicken is almost done, slather on some red sauce and a slice of cheese, and top with a slice of tomato. Put it back in the oven to finish cooking and you’ve got an Argentine delicacy. It pairs well with mashed potatoes or rice and veggies!


Panqueques con dulce de leche

Yep. Basically the Argentine equivalent of pancakes with syrup, panqueques with dulce de leche are divine. The recipe is so simple:

  • 1 cup flour,
  • 1 cup milk,
  • 1 egg,
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil, and
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar

Blend all ingredients in a blender or by hand until you have a thin pancake mixture (it should easily spread in a small frying pan with a teaspoon of melted butter). Fran has already mastered the art of flipping the panqueques without a spatula… I’m still working on it. The end result are very thin pancakes, which you later spread dulce de leche (I prefer one with jam and one with d.d.l. because it’s so sweet) and roll them up to eat by hand. I added my own twist with softened apples so it’s almost like eating caramel apples on your pancakes. YEP.

Panqueques con dulce de leche

Pasta a la creamy red sauce

Ok, so this recipe is pretty much universal, but here in Buenos Aires pasta is a way of life. We cook pasta at least two or three times a week but I try and change up the sauce. A few days ago I tried to make a from-scratch white sauce and it was so good and somewhat easy to make. (Find a similar recipe here!) I have found that the amount of cream you add can make or break the sauce. The second time Fran and I tried to recreate it (without all the ingredients or a recipe, I might add) and went through two batches of ruined sauce before we made one that was actually edible. Fran also set a towel on fire that night, so maybe we were just having bad luck! More recently I experimented with this Tomato Cream Sauce and was even more impressed. For next time, I will modify that recipe to include less cream… I know follow a rule to use less cream than what the recipe calls for. Maybe it’s made differently here!

Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce

Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce

Future posts will most likely feature Argentine cuisine so I hope you’re prepared to add a little South American twist to your dinner table!

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