DC Adventures

What a month it has been! Fran flew back to Buenos Aires on Saturday 😥 but our next reunion is looking closer than we thought! We had so much fun on our adventures this summer; it always seems that we’re busier than we actually are but this year we completed almost everything on our list! Our first trip was to Washington D.C. and it was a lot of fun–I was glad to get back there since I hadn’t visited since my middle school trip in 8th grade. We were there during the World Cup final, too, so it was a great place to watch it. Lucky Bar (not so lucky) was the hot spot for the Argentinians of DC. There wasn’t much room but it was an exciting environment. Fran had a little bit of an accident that required four stitches but it was just what he needed to take his mind off the loss, as much as I hate to say! 

Lucky Bar, Washington D.C.

Lucky Bar, Washington D.C.

Just like last year we had sweltering heat so we couldn’t walk around much. Luckily we discovered Capital Bikeshare which lets you rent bikes by the hour and return them to any station in the city and the stations are everywhere! We took the metro one time too and it was about the same price. The metro is fairly easy to navigate although the pricing was kind of confusing. With the bikes we were able to see all the landmarks we wanted without walking for hours in the heat! I highly recommend it.

We rode the bikes all the way back to New Hampshire!  ;)

We rode the bikes all the way back to New Hampshire! 😉

We stayed in Arlington at the Double Tree Hotel. It was nicely kept and the service was amazing–I had to leave a good comment on Hotels.com! Although Arlington wasn’t our preferred location being right near the metro station was helpful and there was a Capital Bikeshare station right next to the metro (and a huge mall!) Fran and I always have a great time wherever we end up going, even if it’s a hospital for five hours, because we’re just so happy to be together. Either way our trip to D.C. was memorable and a perfect long weekend! 



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