DIY Flower Wreath

My most recent project for my sister’s house is something they needed badly… a wreath! The previous owners left a hideous mustard yellow-green door color and the only way to draw attention away from it (until they paint it, of course) was to add, as my mother put it, a “gaudy” flower wreath.

I’m a fan of wreaths. They add personality to the front of a house (which may or may not look like every other house on the block). It’s a great way to stand out and make a statement.

A.C. Moore sells their off-season fake flowers at a discount, and since spring flowers are pretty much the same as summer flowers, I had no problem finding a cute blend of pretty flowers and some leaves. (Yep, gardening isn’t my thing, so don’t ask what kind of flowers!) Besides the flowers, all I needed was a wreath base ($4.99) made with twigs and branches and green wire ($1.99) to put it all together. My mom had the burlap ribbon so I lucked out with that part. I spent a total of $15 to make this gorgeous masterpiece:



The whole project only took a few hours. I hope instead of buying your next wreath at Pier 1 you decide to create your very own customized wreath!

I’ll post a picture later when they mount it on the door!

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