A Taste (Literally) of Rhode Island

Before I start storytelling I have to say that I’m loving this new WordPress… but I just tried to save a draft of this post and it deleted it. -__-

Map of coastal Rhode Island</center

Map of coastal Rhode Island

Last week I had an AMAZING time on a girls week with my sister, Melissa, and cousin, Danielle, (and I guess a few star appearances by the semi-in-law Kyle and Tucker the cat!) — I never thought I would love Rhode Island as much as I did by the end of the week, although I won’t miss having to drive at least twenty minutes to stores, restaurants, beaches, etc. compared to my five-minute drive to Target and the outlets here in New Hampshire. I guess I’ll never love anywhere as much as New Hampshire! (Beware: here comes the cliché… Home is where the heart is!)


Narragansett {sunrise?}

Of course, we began our week with a few hours in Boston, as that is common ground for meeting up since it’s practically a half-way point to everywhere. Danielle is from Pittsburgh area so we like to do the typical hot spot locations when she visits, like Faneuil Hall and the North End. After some Yelping I found the North Street Grille, which got amazing reviews. And rightly so… it was so delicious! They had so many varieties of French toast and lunch options, as well. The restaurant, however, was tiny and freezing. But we came at the right time when there was only a twenty-minute wait, and next time I’ll bring a sweater! I still highly recommend it, followed by a macaron from Modern Pastry for dessert!


One thing I love about Rhode Island are the small quaint towns, and it’s nice because they’re not bombarded with middle-aged ladies on weekend getaways from their overbearing husbands trying to figure out how to work their Canon Powershot cameras (no offense). My favorite town was Wickford, a little coastal village with a few boutiques and small gift shops and restaurants and adorable scenery. Once I saw the boutique with Free People I was thanking the high heavens that I only had $30 on me. Every store we went into we had a conversation with the sales clerk. They were all so friendly and welcoming and I hope to visit again and spend more time there.


Another day we channeled our inner paparazzi and stalked the hell out of Taylor Swift’s abode in Watch Hill. A beach town, WH is filled with the typical New England shops and cafes serving lobster rolls and hoagies, but the greatest thing was the free town beach we discovered behind T. Swift’s house. (As sketchy as it sounds, there were tons of people coming in and out of the path so we knew we weren’t trespassing!) I will definitely be spending a beach day here in the near future! In town, I recommend St. Clair Annex for hoagies or ice cream!


Danielle & Melissa {T. Swift’s house!}

After a tease of the beach we decided it would only be right to have a couple beach days. Our first was to Rome Point, a rocky beach just a short hike from a free parking lot. (Yes, we’re all about free!) There was NO ONE there. Literally. It was so awesome. If it was a little less rocky I probably would’ve been in the water the entire time, because the water was so nice compared to sixty degree Hampton Beach water. We bought our lunch earlier at Jitters in North Kingstown after a great iced coffee. If you want to please a New Englander, you serve great iced coffee and Jitters exceeded expectations.


Rome Point

Our second beach trip was to Narragansett, which was also awesome. It was very crowded, but we still managed to find free parking and only had to pay the $8 fee to use the beach. One day I hope to learn to surf at this beach and conquer my fear of sharks, but that’ll probably never happen. My favorite thing about Narragansett is Monahan’s Clam Shack. They sell “Rhode Island’s most affordable lobster roll” and never fail to satisfy my hunger. This trip I had a fish sandwich which was equally as amazing. I prefer to have a lobster roll when my mom treats. 🙂


Of course, a trip to Rhode Island isn’t complete without a visit to Newport. One of my favorite places in New England, Newport is filled to the brim with cute shops and fancy shmancy restaurants, and the infamous Cliff Walk next to the Newport Mansions. We ate at the Wharf Pub, which I will HIGHLY recommend because one of their specialty appetizers are TATOR TOTS! Anyone who knows me well knows I love tator tots. So much, in fact, that I used to eat them frozen when I was younger. And I’m still not ashamed because tator tots are amazing. Aside from the tots I had a cranberry chicken salad, and it was so good I couldn’t stop eating even when I felt like I was gonna explode. YUM!


When we weren’t gallivanting Rhode Island we did try some new recipes and crafts, some good, some bad. We made amazing Carolina Peach Sangria and Bang Bang Chicken Kabobs, and also gave our best shot at DIY beer bottle glasses, which is not as easy as it looks on Pinterest. Stay tuned for those posts because they are sure to be summer hits.


All in all, it was a great weekend and a nice preview to the summer. (Coming soon: Casco Days vacation with the family!) I hope we continue this tradition in the future — everyone needs a week away with your girls!


(That was my first .gif and I’m really excited about it!)
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6 thoughts on “A Taste (Literally) of Rhode Island

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    We keep hoping to get off for some time in Little Rhody. It has lots of out-of-the-way surprises. (You could get stuck on Federal Hill alone.)
    Get a native to show you around, since the traditions need a full description. There’s Del’s lemonade, for instance, which lost out to coffee milk as the official state beverage. And I recall a marvelous, inexpensive Italian dinner in Bristol.
    Scarborough Beach beats any we have here in the Granite State, and a ferry ride from Point Judith to Block Island is fun. Rent a Moped on the other side for a quick tour.
    At least we still have Canobie Lake. Their Rocky Point amusement park was classic.
    And all that’s before Slater Mill or the P’Sox.
    Suspect you’ll be going again.
    By the way, “New Hampshire Nonconformist” is redundant.


    • Sarah Wetzel says:

      My sister has lived in Rhode Island for 7 years so I like to think I got a good glimpse of southern Rhode Island in the short amount of time we had there. Of course we had Del’s at the beach, I must have left that out! And I do hope to do Block Island soon because I’ve heard nothing but great things.
      To each his own, but I haven’t enjoyed Canobie Lake all that much since I was 13.


      • Jnana Hodson says:

        Ah, the plot thickens! Most of our readers would be surprised Rhode Island can be divided into sections that way, yet each is full of places to discover.
        My delight in Canobie came with the stepkids and its family-friendly nature.
        Meanwhile, back here in New Hampshire, there are still plenty of places left to discover, even before we consider the usual tourist stops.
        We’re still laughing at a New York Times weekend here in the Seacoast, where they sent folks 20 miles from one point to Portsmouth for a sandwich … they were right by Calef’s, where they would have done better for less. (Homemade bread of choice, homemade cheese, generous quantities of meat, etc.)
        Keep getting the word out, then.


      • Sarah Wetzel says:

        I agree! I can’t wait to see more of New Hampshire. Last summer I did the Mt. Washington hike for the first time and it definitely lived up to all the hype. I hope to check out more mountains in Vermont, too. There’s still plenty more to be done and seen!


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