A crafty alternative to knitting…

Good evening!

On account of my recent boredom I’ve grown fond of crafts that occupy me for a long time, especially paired with some HGTV. Who knew I had a secret longing to be a house flipper? Since that’ll probably never happen I like to watch Flip or Flop, and like everyone else from Generation Y I always need to be doing multiple things at once. Enter: The Red Thread Blog. :O Every crafter’s dream. Found on Pinterest, the Rope Coil Vessel is the perfect time-crushing craft that is mindless enough to pay attention to your fave TV show.

It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. You start out making the base whatever size you’d like…


…And then you continue until you reach your desired height…


…And maybe mix and match until you have a nice set…


…And voilà! A nice set of decorative bowls for my sister’s new house! I wonder if she’s sick of my decorative bowl gift sets yet…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did. I don’t think it cost me more than $5… I found the rope at Walmart for a great deal and have tons of embroidery thread from my summers of making friendship bracelets. Seriously, if anyone has a craft with embroidery thread PLEASE sent it my way! I have way too much.

I hope you’re all enjoying the heat if you’re from my neck of the woods. I forgot what it felt like to sleep without ten blankets!





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