Greek Tortellini Salad

Holaaaa fellow foodies!

I have begun a Summer Supper Series to kick off the beautiful weather that is {hopefully} here to stay. Tonight featured the delicious Greek Tortellini Salad which I paired with a rotisserie chicken for some protein. You can access the original recipe here but I decided to leave out the olives and add a little extra feta because I’m obsessed.


One of the best parts about the recipe is that it includes a recipe for Greek dressing which is SO easy to make and I plan on using a lot in the future. My mom has this handy Weight Watchers dressing gadget that dispenses a serving of dressing before you pour it onto your salad. GENIUS.


So, if you’re looking for a light and tasty salad (that also kind of hides the fact that there are tons of veggies, so it’s something I could probably get Fran to eat), you hit the jackpot! But make sure you don’t spill an entire plate of it onto the floor, like I did right after I took this picture:





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