The Graduate

For the glory of old State, For her founders strong and great, For the future that we wait, Raise the song, Raise the song.

Sing our love and loyalty, Sing our hopes that, bright and free, Rest, O Mother dear, with thee, All with thee, all with thee.

When we stood at childhood’s gate, Shapeless in the hands of fate, Thou didst mold us dear old State, Dear old State, dear old State.

May no act of ours bring shame, To one heart that loves thy name, May our lives but swell thy fame, Dear old State, dear old State.

The past four years at Penn State have flown by. I couldn’t even tell you what happened this last semester because it was all such a blur and passed by me at lightning speed. From freshman year, meeting new people and acquainting myself to college; to my life-changing semester abroad in Buenos Aires where I met fantastic people [especially one in particular ;)] and learned that the world was bigger than I could have imagined; to my senior year living with amazing roommates and enjoying my last year in State College, PA; I finally understand what people mean when they say “College is the best four years of your life.” Penn State will hold a piece of my heart forever and I couldn’t thank the people I met along the way for all the memories. Enough of this sappy shit though… here’s a little collection of photos from the ceremony!


Dinner before the ceremony at Olde New York… YUM!


It’s too bad my family didn’t have binoculars!


Gramma Phyllis and me!


The whole damn fam


Mom and me

 And now, on to the next chapter (which isn’t written yet, so stay tuned for the next big plot twist!) I’ll be refurbishing an antique side table this week so keep checking back for the result. Until next time, bloggies!

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