Long Time No Talk


After a long school year, I have returned and I apologize for the lack of posts to all my avid followers. (I know you’re out there!) My last year at Penn State has been nothing short of unforgettable. I’ve learned a lot and finally believe I’m ready to enter the real world. Aside from the job search and paying off loans, I am going to make every effort to get back into blogging regularly because it’s something I really love doing. I also want to expand my categories outside of just food and crafts, even though they will always be close to my heart and will probably outweigh anything else I post on the blog.


In addition to new categories, I have come up with a new blog name as well…

The New Hampshire Nonconformist

What does this mean, you may ask? I felt it was important to bring a little piece of home back into the equation. Now that I’m leaving school (my second home) and searching for a new job that might come with a new city, I wanted to give myself a constant reminder of where I come from: good ol’ New Hampshire town.

And anyone who knows me well would describe me as anything but ordinary. I have a lot of strange quirks that usually only come out when I’m comfortable with someone. I tend to live on the edge and don’t follow the well-traveled path. Hence: nonconformist.


As always, if you have any suggestions or comments about the new blog please contact me. You can access all means of communication to me through my Contact Me page.

ENJOY and I’ll talk to you soon!


7 thoughts on “Long Time No Talk

  1. Hannah says:

    I love you and you’re crazy self. Keep writing about you’re anything but ordinary (in a good way) life 🙂 #newhampshireforever


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