Chalkboard Craze

Hey everyone! Quick post — school and work are getting somewhat busy! Anyway, since my roommates and I have moved into our new apartment we have been trying so hard to fill up our bare walls. Lauren’s mom sent us these cute chalkboard stickers that come on and off easy, and after seeing one of my blogger inspirations posting like crazy about chalkboard prints, I wanted to make ours look cute too. I won’t post pictures because a.) I’m too tired to do that right now and b.) we didn’t even spend that much time on them to make them perfect. HOWEVER: I found an AWESOME blog site that shows you how to make printing 10,000 times easier, especially for those of us who have no calligraphic skills. Click here to learn how to do it. Hopefully at some point I can try this and give some extra pointers.

I miss blogging regularly, but until I get used to having school and work again it might be a bit of a wait. Thanks for sticking with me!!



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