Mini projects in less than 30 minutes!

So if any of you are busy bees (unlike me) I’ve come up with a couple projects to satisfy your crafty cravings! The first is quite possible the next epidemic of hair ties in the U.S. I’m not sure where on earth they originated, but Loft recently just started selling them so I doubt there is a popular origin. They don’t leave that ugly crimp mark in your hair when you take out a pony tail, and for me they are much more comfortable to wear on your wrists, and a little bit more stylish too. Check them out!

ImageOf course, you’re probably more likely to use some color but I like black and white because they match everything. They’re really easy to make; all you need is elastic that is about half an inch wide. Measure it around your wrist with a little bit of extra for the knot, and simply knot it by folding the elastic in half, looping it around itself and tightening the knot. Voila! You have a cute hair accessory that probably cost 25 cents!

My next craft was especially simple for me, since I have a bunch of leftover jewelry materials. I found two different types of beads at Walmart for $1 each and i already had the elastic I used to put the beads on. When i had the beads on and ready to be tied up, I simply looped one of the strings through the last bead of the other string and double knotted it. Here’s some photos!






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