DIY Quote Frame


To take my mind off the excitement of tomorrow (oh, I didn’t tell you? FRAN ARRIVES FROM ARGENTINA TOMORROW!) I made a Pinterest creation out of my favorite $5 Walmart frames. I have a photo of something similar pinned on my Create board, but there is no exact link to the original, so I devised my own plan. Here is the photo I saw:


Like any other craft I do, it was pretty easy. Here are the supplies you’ll need besides the frame (not pictured – gorilla glue):

image (14)

First, I found the quote I was going to use and printed it out in a very large size (I set the page to Landscape) on Word. Then you simply trace the letters onto the other side of the paper and tape it to the back side of the frame. This way, the paint will be on the other side of the glass when it’s all done.

image (13)

Use a flat brush so as to create a calligraphic effect. I found one at Michael’s for $3. Also, you can use whatever color acrylic paint, just keep in mind the color of the wall that will be used as the backdrop.

image (12)

When the paint has dried, remove the cardboard from the frame and use gorilla glue to glue the edges of the glass to the frame so it doesn’t fall out with all the extra space. That takes about 30 minutes to dry.
image (11)

And voila! You’ve got yourself some new home decor. Enjoy!

image (10)

As a side note, I may or may not be posting too much within the next month. Fran will be staying here so we’re gonna have a lot of little trips planned and I won’t have much time to do crafts. Recipes, maybe! Talk to y’all soon. 🙂

XOXO, Sarah


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