Shadow Boxes: What to do with all those ticket stubs

I’ve always been meaning to do something with all of my football tickets, and FINALLY I found something on Pinterest to try out with them. This shadow box collage is great because it doesn’t harm the tickets (no pin holes or glue backs) and you don’t have to go through the tedious nail-in-the-wall-crooked-frame debocle because you can just stand the shadow box upright on a shelf!

Here is what mine turned out to look like:


There’s no real “right way” to make these. You can use your creativity as to how you want to arrange the memorabilia. My mom made one for our new bathroom out of shells, sand and other beachy things. So if you’re looking for more ideas, here’s where I got mine…

I started out by pinning some collectibles to the felt backdrop of the shadowbox, and then just threw all my other Penn State tickets in there and arranged them until I was satisfied. Enjoy!

XOXO, Sarah


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